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An agency for engineers.
Whether you are a company looking to hire the right person, or someone looking for their next opportunity, SDL can help. We will take time to listen and find your ideal next employee or the next best step in your career.
Call us and we will show you how we do engineering recruiting a little differently.

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Direct Placement

We do the search and help with the interview process. You get a great new hire that's quick and easy.

Statement of Work (SOW)

SDL employee that works on your projects and with your managers. Typically an open-ended contract with no set end date. Ideal for long-term project work where headcount restrictions are a concern.

Contract to Hire

SDL employee for a predetermined amount of time. Typically 12 months. Once a contract ends, client has option to convert contractor to a full-time employee.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

SDL partners closely with client HR / Talent Acquisition Team to assist with some or all of their recruitment efforts. Ideal for startup or smaller HR / TA teams that are looking to hire multiple new employees. Eliminates per placement fee in favor of a total project fee, saving the client money.

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