SDL Staffing

SDL was founded to support engineers. In that pursuit we have gained experience in many different industries and with multiple different skillsets. We work with small and midsized organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

How we work.

1 In any engagement:
Direct Placement, Contract, Contract-to-Hire, or RPO the first step is to have a meeting to get to know one another and discuss the position you are trying to fill.
We’ll cover everything from technical skills, to personality, to what your group is currently working on. This helps us really understand what you need. It also gives us details to entice candidates on why your company and this role is a good move for their careers.

2 After our initial meeting SDL will begin the search. If this is our first time working together expect to be sent a few resumes /profiles of candidates we feel are a good fit regardless of whether they are available.
Getting positive feedback on these candidates gives us a template to work from, and ensures we are on the right track from day one. If we missed the mark we can adjust quickly. Once candidates are identified, we submit them, and if you approve, we coordinate interviews.

3 Once a candidate has interviewed and we receive positive feedback the next step is making the offer. We will extend the offer to the candidate and assist with any negotiation required. Candidates are all prescreened on their salary requirements, so negotiations are unusual. Once a candidate accepts, we will work with you and your human resources team to pin down a start date and facilitate onboarding.
If candidates are placed directly with a client, we typically reach out in the first few months to see how things are going. If candidates are placed in a contract role, we follow up with our people every 4 – 6 weeks to ensure they are enjoying the job and performing well.

Our Founder.

Andy Tschida has been in the staffing and recruiting industry since 2005. Throughout his entire career he has only focused on one thing:

Supporting engineers.

Supporting the individual in their job searches, and manufacturing companies looking for their next hire. Andy has worked with small and midsized companies and Fortune 500 companies. He’s worked across multiple industries and has experience working with a wide variety of skillsets and experience levels. This depth of knowledge and experience is at the core of SDL Staffing and sets us apart from our competition.

“Since I began in this industry, I’ve always tried to really listen to candidates and hiring managers alike. To get curious and try and understand exactly what they are looking for. By doing this I have been consistently successful in finding clients their next hire, and individuals the perfect fit for the next step in their careers.

I am passionate about finding that perfect match. I still get excited when I find the candidate, I know my client will like. I still look forward to talking to candidates I’ve placed and hearing about how much they enjoy their new roles. The personal part of the job is what makes it great, and why I’m still doing it after almost 20 years.

Whether you're a candidate looking for a new position or a client looking for a new hire give SDL a call. We will get the job done for you, and we will do it the right way.”

Signature - Andy Tschida

Andy Tschida


Our Services.

Direct Placement

We do the search and help with the interview process. The process is quick and easy and you get a great hire.

Statement of Work (SOW)

SDL employee that works on your projects, and with your managers. Typically an open ended contract with no set end date. Ideal for long term project work where headcount restrictions are a concern.


SDL employee for a predetermined amount of time. Typically 12 months. Once the contract ends, client has the option to convert contractor to a full-time employee.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

SDL partners closely with client HR / Talent Acquisition Team to assist with some or all of their recruitment efforts. Ideal for startup or smaller HR / TA teams that are looking to hire multiple new employees. Eliminates per placement fee in favor of a total project fee, saving the client money.