SDL Staffing

SDL was founded to support engineers. In that pursuit we have gained experience in many different industries and with multiple different skillsets. We work with small and midsized organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

How we work.

1 The first step in working with potential candidates is to have an introductory phone call. This call gives us a chance to learn about you and what you are looking for. We will talk about your previous work experience, what type of position you are looking for, and how we can help. Candidates can expect this call to last around 30 minutes.

2 After our initial call we look for positions that match the criteria you gave us. We'll only send you positions that align with what you said the next step in your career should be.
Once something looks like a match we’ll setup another call to go over the role. If you are interested we submit your resume to that position.

3 If there is interest from the company in your background we will work with you and the company to schedule an interview. Prior to this interview we will have an in-depth call to prepare. We will cover what to expect, interview tips, and ensure you put your best foot forward.
4 If the interview goes well and an offer is made we assist with any negotiations required. If the role is a direct hire position - once placed we check in a couple times a year to make sure you are happy and enjoying the role. If the position is a contract role we stay in contact with all of our consultants on a 4 – 6 week schedule. This ensures the contract goes smoothly and everyone – consultant and client are happy.

Our Services.

Direct Placement

We do the search and help with the interview process. The process is quick and easy and you get a great new hire.

Statement of Work (SOW)

SDL employee but works on your projects, and with your managers. Typically an open ended contract with no set end date. Ideal for long term project work where headcount restrictions are a concern.

to Hire

SDL employee for a predetermined amount of time. Typically 12 months. Once the contract ends, client has the option to convert contractor to a full-time employee.

Free Resume & Interview Help

SDL will assist any engineer with building a resume or preparing for an interview. Looking for a new job is stressful enough, we're happy to make it a little easier.